Sir Wiggins Might Use Giro 2015 To Prep For World Hour Record

News for Bradley Wiggins fans- The 2012 Tour France champ might use 2015 Giro in May as his prep ground for World Hour record come June.

The news has been reported by Pinarello, the official bike supplier for Team Sky.

The British cycling legend has planned to ride for a handful of selected road racing events for Sky during the initial phase of coming year prior to shifting to his very own soon-to-be-declared road team. Sir Wiggins’ new team is speculated to be his chariot that would be carrying him towards the much anticipated Rio Olympic Games in 2016. Read More Sir Wiggins Might Use Giro 2015 To Prep For World Hour Record

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Vinokourov Is Charged With Corruption

It is the handiwork of the prosecutors of Belgian who have laid charges against Alexander Vinokourov. In fact the Russian cyclist also faced similar charges. Investigation began after the bribery took place in 2012. Evidence proved that money transfer did take place.

Other payments as well are being looked at by the investigation agencies. He is also working towards the Astana team as a manager. He states that all want a resonance on the topic and if started does not end. Speculations go on in and around the team. Exaggerated statements are making headlines according to him. As far as Alexander is concerned he is a professional rider who performs well for the team and is not to be discarded out from the team on grounds which are controversial but flimsy ground is something to reckon with and if found guilty as charged then action has to be taken and that too strict action.

His achievements are numerous and nobody can deny upon the given fact. Belonging to the army stature a thing like corruption puts all the more pressure on him. If and when he is proven guilty fully then what action will be taken is yet to be known but he will try to prove his innocence and get back his lost reputation and honour. If there is any lack of evidence then solid proof has to be garnered against him who will put him in the backseat but how far will his career go and move in direction is something to reckon with. Though he has retired from the world of professional cycling but when image is tarnished it never comes back. Earning the reputation takes years but losing it take seconds. His fans though wish that there is no involvement of him in the entire case.

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Chris Froome may not take part in 2015 Tour de France

Chris Froome, to the surprise of many, said that he might not participate in the next year’s Tour de France, instead he will participate in Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a Espana.

After 2015’s Tour de France route was announced, Froome, the leader of Team sky, said on his website that he and his team will consider very carefully before taking part in an event. According to him, he’s a balanced rider himself and this year’s Giro d’Italia featuring a balanced course is suitable for him. He also thinks that there’s a possibility that after he completes Giro, he’ll be able to get back to his peak form and participate in and even win 2015’s Vuelta a Espana.

Froome said that previously he used to play one grand tour every season. But skipping Tour de France might give him an opportunity to concentrate on participating in two events. He also said that even though it’s still early but nevertheless the team has to figure out which competitions they will take part in next year.

2015’s Tour de France, which is also going to be the race’s 102nd edition, is not putting much emphasis on time trials. There is only a 13.7 km long team time trial.

According to Froome, there’s no denying the fact that 2015 Tour de France is all about mountains. He said that very little emphasis is put on time trialling and the winner of the race will be decided on the mountains. He further added that six mountaintop finishes will make the race very physically demanding.

Cobbles are included in the 2015 tour but Froome refused to admit that it is a major hurdle. He regards cobbles to be difficult and stressful to overcome but nevertheless, he finds riding on cobbles to be enjoyable.

Froome said that he didn’t withdraw from the race just because of the cobbles, but because of the crash that happened on the previous stage.

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Geoghegan Hart’s Take on His Journey and Improvement in 2014

Tao Geoghegan Hart is only 19 years old but he had a great run at the Tour of Britain this year. He defied his youth and impressed everyone by finishing at the 15th position. He has greatly enjoyed his debut year as a professional rider out of the junior ranks. He not only finished the Liege-Bastogne-Liege at an impressive 3rd place, but also secured the 10th place in the Tour de l’Avenir. He has gained a lot of experience in 2014 by participating in various races across Europe as the part of the national team of Britain. He has also rigorously raced in different tournaments of the USA this year.

He said that the arrangement has benefitted him in a number of ways. He added that the experience with Bissel in America and Europe has been a mixed bag with good memories. He thoroughly enjoyed racing under the guidance of Axel Merckx in America and Keith Lambert. The 19 year old racer told the Cyclingnews that although he participated in diverse races but it has been a great learning experience for him.

Geoghegan Hart got the experience of racing at the Alps and finishing at the La Toussurie summit due to the Tour de l’Avenir. Earlier at the Tours of California & Utah, he learnt to tackle the wider North American passes. He said that it was a great experience to race in the big mountains of Europe. The Tour de l’Avenir was his first interesting experience of racing in the mountains. It was quite a different experience from racing in the wider and steeper mountain passes of America. Moreover, the American passes do not have many corners at some places as well.

In this season, Geoghegan has visited the two sides of Atlantic for racing and is looking forward to the World Championships to be held in Ponferrada next week.

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