1. This has nothing to do with sport. It is a battle of who has the better
    doping program.
    Just because everybody was doping doesn’t mean Armstrong won the TdF fair
    and square and is the better cyclist. He just had the better stuff and the
    better physician in Michele Ferrari.
    Also to believe that the sky team is clean is absolutely naive.

  2. Juan Carlos Lillo Silva

    Qué manera de pedalear de este Armstrong, me imagino como iba también de
    dopado, pichicateado…el mayor fraude de la historia del ciclismo…un
    caso totalmente lamentable…lo malo es que le quitó la honesta posibilidad
    a aquellos ciclistas que no se dopaban para poder subir las montañas

  3. Auf die Kommentatoren Eurosports bin ich immer noch gespannt…Sind damals
    die gleichen wie heute…

  4. warum heult ihr alle hier rum Doping hier Doping da in dieser Gesellschaft
    wirst du gezwungen zu Dopen wenn du “Profi” sein willst.. guckt euch doch
    jeden anderen sport an Fußball,Bodybuilding,Football etc

  5. “Interestingly, Lance Armstrong’s VO2 Max does not seem to be diminished at
    high altitude.” LOL. High Tech Cycling pp 114, 2003

  6. He was a competent one day racer. Generally that does not carry over to the
    sort of stage race domination he displayed, at least in modern cycling. For
    instance, Indurain won just one major one day race, Contador has just won
    his first such race this season.

  7. Cont’….. Wiggins and Froome are not as you describe “just a couple of
    journeymen riders” just look at the development of British cycling over the
    last decade and you will see what has been happening. Britain has gone from
    “nowhere in sight” to “contenders” to “winners” in a calculated,
    engineering, nutritionally and scientific way, making advances that maybe
    you didnt notice until BANG winning many golds on the track at the Beijing
    Olympics, we smashed the world and still doing it.

  8. You are joking . A great champion ? He said he couldn’t win without dope so
    now he has been stripped of the wins that is where he would have been
    …ZERO VICTORIES. The last two years have been won clean , Wiggins and
    Froome , they are both greater than Armstrong ever will be, and in Europe
    Armstrong is being forgotten already.

  9. go check how good he climbed before he doped the guys a disgrace Greg
    lemond is a legend Lance is a bad joke gone wrong 40 million from us
    government to support his doping and you say it was equal?

  10. You obviously have not thought this through from an ability viewpoint. Are
    you a racing cyclist or just a watcher who thinks he knows about being a
    bike rider. There are good climbers and there are natural brilliant
    climbers. There are good sprinters and there are natural brilliant
    sprinters. There are good time trialists and there are natural brilliant
    time trialists. Ive never known natural sprinters ever win a mountain top
    finish. Even full of dope they couldn’t do it. Think that through.

  11. bradley wiggins was in 4th place on his frst serious attempt cuz he had
    talent that Armstrong doesnt have and never did. You people lived in denial
    and when he admits you say everyone was on the same, hardly a good argument
    in support of Lance and you call me an idiot 🙂 i posted for yrs lance is a
    cheat open your eyes and you will see

  12. dont you know he paid 1 million just to get ferrari for himself? epo is one
    drug that he used, Bradley wiggins recognised when Lance was using in 2009
    something lance still denies. You live in denial too go read about the
    clean riders lance got thrown off the tour. Lance used blood transfusions
    steroids epo and many other substances the teams have told how they could
    only have 1 or two per team on the good stuff, the rest werent able to have.

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