It is the handiwork of the prosecutors of Belgian who have laid charges against Alexander Vinokourov. In fact the Russian cyclist also faced similar charges. Investigation began after the bribery took place in 2012. Evidence proved that money transfer did take place.

Other payments as well are being looked at by the investigation agencies. He is also working towards the Astana team as a manager. He states that all want a resonance on the topic and if started does not end. Speculations go on in and around the team. Exaggerated statements are making headlines according to him. As far as Alexander is concerned he is a professional rider who performs well for the team and is not to be discarded out from the team on grounds which are controversial but flimsy ground is something to reckon with and if found guilty as charged then action has to be taken and that too strict action.

His achievements are numerous and nobody can deny upon the given fact. Belonging to the army stature a thing like corruption puts all the more pressure on him. If and when he is proven guilty fully then what action will be taken is yet to be known but he will try to prove his innocence and get back his lost reputation and honour. If there is any lack of evidence then solid proof has to be garnered against him who will put him in the backseat but how far will his career go and move in direction is something to reckon with. Though he has retired from the world of professional cycling but when image is tarnished it never comes back. Earning the reputation takes years but losing it take seconds. His fans though wish that there is no involvement of him in the entire case.