1. reddeadsinister6969

    am i the only one who finds 0:36 funny. jus after saying u cannot say that
    he goes “well u can but….” LMAO

  2. :O Shocking! But finally true. With power comes great abuse. What a
    character. What a story. I was never into cycling. And after this story I
    might even say that I will look on every sport with suspicion. And that’s
    sad. Good documentary. 6.9/10
    #movie #trailer #armstrong #bicycle #doping 

  3. All “American Hero’s” Cheated Their Way To Fame, Thus All Americans Hope
    And Dreams Are Phony And Based Upon Fake Illusions!

  4. Empirical Ontologic

    So this means that due him being revoked of all his titles. Then His entire
    era should be deleted from history or at least the top 30% of all riders in
    the 90`s and early 2000`s. If you look at it from a far, he did not cheat,
    he only did what the rest of the riders did. They all were riding dirty.
    People should stop being so plane stupid and jugde a single person for

  5. Maybe it’s just my mood right now, but this is so irrelevant compared to
    … you know … the usual stuff … like war in Syria for example,
    poverty, unemployment, destroying the planet… it’s sad that this guy
    generates more talk than those things nowadays…

  6. Knew the outline of what his story was but this shit is crazzzyy !!
    Compelling viewing. Right or wrong he did some fantastic work for charity
    and helped thousands of people.
    He cheated in bike race where other competitors were also cheating. Big
    deal ! He aint killed nobody. 

  7. the american has disgraced cycling…this is an example of american values at
    their worst…but the entire society has the same values…maybe 5% does
    not..like people that think….

  8. so he used steroid, Government cheat and killed innocent people, and start
    wars on false pretext. people lie everyday. couples cheat on each other.
    student cheat in exams. teachers sleeping with students. reporter
    plagiarize. Everyone gets punished for their wrong doing but THE

  9. now playing! The Armstrong Lie Official Trailer 1 (2013) – Lance Armstrong
    Documentary HD

  10. he survived the “Cancer”… people made filthy millions of money coz of him
    biking… did some charity & inspired very sick ppol…, at the end of the
    day whether he was doping or not, he made positive contribution to the
    society… ppol who wanted his downfall were either threatened by the govt
    or frustrated coz they aren’t popular like him… strip away all money he
    got from ppol, he is still a hero to someone who believe in him & that’s
    all that really matters… 

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