1. Crow was probably told by her lawyers to keep her mouth shut about the
    whole issue. Civil lawsuits, or even a potential criminal suit for
    conspiracy could be launched against her if she said the wrong things.

  2. Lance Armstrong exemplifies the self-serving liar, with profound
    Rehearsed, deliberate, insidious — and he lived the lie for years.
    A hoax perpetrated on most of the planet’s population.
    With the legitimacy that consumers attach to celebrity endorsements,
    Armstrong stole from each and every buyer of any of the millions of
    products — each and every company that paid him handsomely.
    As most anyone that truly grasps the reality and scope of his lie should
    be, I am shocked that he shows his face in public.
    I can’t imagine living with that kind of shame and disgrace, and were I
    related to him, I would legally change my name.
    And never forget that he would still be savoring the accolades and living
    the high-life had he not been caught by persistent investigators.
    Every dime, every belonging, every scrap of food that he ever gained from
    his lie should be repaid — and what remains, stripped from him.
    It takes someone like Armstrong to make one ashamed to be of the same race
    — the human race.

  3. It just shows that no matter how much you try to run away from the truth,
    it catches you up. The nerve of Lance on trying to live a lie as much as he

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