1. The Isle of Man is a tiny island a few miles off the mainland, it used to host the most famous MotoGP race until it was taken off the MotoGP roster in the 70’s for simply being to dangerous although it still remains a hugely popular but dangerous event for fans of motorcycle racing. As well as Cavendish, Nigel Mansell the 1992 F1 World champion and 1993 Indy car champion is from there and its popular with wealthy people, as are the islands and tax havens of Jersey and guernsey also….

  2. Spotlight The Tour of France
    Cycling’s most prestigious race has entered its challenging middle stages, hurtling toward the grand finale at the Champs-Elysees in Paris on Sunday, July 22. These vids will keep you abreast of the race

  3. On stage route maps, what does the solid blue circle containing two white dashes mean near a town?

  4. Cav and Farrar are both super skinny. Farrar especially. I want to do an intervention on Farrar.

    But why?

    Box Hill.

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