1. Orica GreenEDGE boys have done MOST of the hard work on the sprint stages. Just goes to show that when you boys sit back for one stage no-one else has the balls to fill your shoes. You guys have rocked in this tour. Today was a good choice to not chase and it showed the other teams lack of commitment. Without GreenEDGE there is no sprint stage.

  2. great vids guys, it gives us back home a wicked insight into the Tour, keep it up, Robbie your a gun! and get up there Gossy and win a stage!

  3. Sandgroperish

    Rest and recover, Brett and come back stronger in the latter part of this season. Thanks for your hard work during the tour.

  4. I thought Brett should hang around drink a few beers with Robbie & enjoy the tour – hard works done for fellow Shepparton boy. Cheers GreenEdge!

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