1. cyclingworldtour

    yes, its route is full of interruptions in the REAL route or not, just look at channel letourdefrance

  2. Jakob Marklew

    I shall forward that message onto youtube! It has nothing to do with me!

  3. Why don’t you take the FUCKING stupid american commercial and stick to your FUCKING ASSS.

  4. Spotlight
    The Tour of France
    Cycling’s most prestigious race has entered its challenging middle stages, hurtling toward the grand finale at the Champs-Elysees in Paris on Sunday, July 22. These vids will keep you abreast of the race.

  5. On stage route maps, what does the solid blue circle containing two white dashes mean near a town?

  6. Jakob Marklew

    If you want to watch the tour just go to - cyclingfans(dot)com/node/5517
    This will give you daily links to online live streams of the tour de france

  7. That’s crazy! I just biked 50 miles this morning for the first time as a scout activity! I can’t imagine doing 2,000!

  8. Avec les moyens dont dispose le Tour, cette vidéo est lamentable. Pas d’idée, juste un peu de technique à la portée du dernier élève d’une école de designer, et je ne parle pas du contenu. Musique quelconque, rien à garder et fatigant à regarder à cause des images syncopées. Travaillez avec des artistes et pas avec des “concepteurs” en 2013.

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