Froome Determined for Drug-free Cycling

While the entire cycling world is in a whirlwind following disgraced cycling legend Lance Armstrong’s recent confession on drug consumption during his celebrated Tour France wins, the defending Tour de France hero Chris Froome is hell bent on establishing a fresh drug free cycling era.

Lance Armstrong was stripped off his 7 Tour France titles on the ground of dope consumption and banned from professional cycling after the much-worshipped cycling God revealed about his doping activities publicly on a popular TV talk show. Alberto Contador, another cycling great, too was ripped off his 2010 title following drug scandals.

Froome admitted that the recent drug scandals actively involving some of the best regarded faces of cycling will stir doubts among the fans whenever there would be a high profile win. The Nairobi-born rider has come to terms with the fact that his 2013 title and that of Bradley Wiggins’ in 2012 are too under the scanner of doubts amidst cyclist fans- but again he sternly believes that his another Tour France title back-to-back in the coming year would be able to establish the notion of a drug-free cycling era firmly.

If Froome is able to secure a back-to-back Tour France win the coming year he would be the first cyclist to achieve so in a drug-free era, post Miguel Indurain’s feat in 1995.

“If I am able to do it once again, I feel I would be able to get the credibility quotient back to cycling”, remarked a determined Chris Froome. All through his triumph this year, the 28-year-old Froome consistently claimed on being drug-free- He also stressed on the fact that he is on a mission to forward clean cycling.

The esteemed Sky player is eyeing for 2016 Rio Olympic Medal apart from the coming Tour de France 2014 championship that would commence from Yorkshire next year.

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Cycling Might Be Banned In Bridge Street

The leader of the Peterborough City Council (PCC), Marco Cereste has taken a vow that he will try his level best to impose a ban on cycling through the Bridge Street which lies in the city centre. Cereste has promised to do so because some days earlier, a cyclist riding ferociously via the city centre was about to hit Cereste’s little son.

Days after the above incident took place, Cereste again witnessed a cyclist breezing his way through the Bridge Street. This cyclist broke the law that prohibits cycling on Bridge Street between 9 in the morning to 6 in the evening from Monday to Saturday. Thus Cereste is very serious about banning cyclists as more and more of them have started to break rules and regulations.

According to Cereste, traffic of any kind including cyclists should be banned from three main areas of city centre- Bridge Street, Cathedral Square and Long Causeway. He thinks that it has become increasingly dangerous to walk around the city centre with cyclists flouting rules and weaving through the crowds.

A few days earlier Peterborough city councillor, Darren Fower had introduced a petition for the establishment of a cycling lane through the city centre. Fower is of the view that since Peterborough wants to be known as the environmental city then it should support environmentally-friendly means of transport like cycling by building a cycle lane through the Peterborough city centre. The petition put forward by Fower has received more than one-fifty signatures.

On one hand, some of the cyclists are not supporting the idea of banning bikers from the Bridge Street area. On the other hand other cyclists are of the view that riding through the Bridge Street is dangerous for both the pedestrians and riders. At the moment it really cannot be said whether the ban is going to be implemented or not.

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An expert biker to a great cyclist

Cadel Evans hails from Australia and has left his mark in the books of history of Australia as he has been the first player from Australia who has the Tour de France. Cadel Evans began his career as a mountain biker and moved on to be one of the greatest cyclists the region has produced.

Though he had won the World Cup in two consecutive years, he switched his career and moved on to cycling in the year 2001, where he finally found his forte and his passion. The move to the top of the ranks was a steady and gradual one and in the year 2007 and 2008, he proved his forte to the world and this was the time when his competitors took notice of him as a person to reckon with. Read More An expert biker to a great cyclist

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