1. @musicNsoccer “no doubt in my mind” ? well there’s doubt in a HUGE amount
    of others minds including several governments, and not a single positive
    test anywhere….sorry

  2. Michael Ashenden develops tests for the Olympic committee to detect dopers
    and cheaters, “there is no doubt in my mind he (Lance Armstrong) took EPO
    during the ’99 Tour.” Ashenden led the Australian Instit of Sport to focus
    on battling blood doping. Google his 2009 interview with nyvelocity.
    AssProng doped.

  3. thispostisawsome

    you fucking asshole! you are so oblivious to everything! HOW could he
    possibly cheat so many tests! Every one he has taken is negative and
    without bribing 1000’s of people he couldn’t have gotten away with it. Even
    if he had it would have gotten out somehow. FUCKING CHRIST

  4. wat a legend. i have to do a powerpoint on him lol, do u think i should put
    in that his testical swoll to the size off an orange… :s

  5. @musicNsoccer Of all the dopers in cycling during the 90s and noughties,
    yes I raced in Europe so I can tell you how bad it was, Lance is the only
    one to turn a negative into a positive. The cycling authorities, as was the
    case in all sports including the Olympic Games turned a blind eye to the
    blatant doping going on worldwide-don’t pick on one athlete as the cause
    and effect of the whole doping in sport issue. Lance’s book Titled “It’s
    Not About The Bike” says it all- LIVESTRONG All The Way!!

  6. yo hippobunny your gay your not even funny hippos and bunnies cant mix. go
    read the book “its not about the bike” it will change your life watch some
    of his videos. dont waste your time on bullshiting him and us. the only
    time lance took EPO was in cancer treatment it even states it in the book
    beacse his count was so low. he took EPO to keep him alive. watevs ur a fag
    u homobunny go get a life

  7. Lance Armstrong will always be my hero. and haz, get a fucking life. dont
    you have anything better to do that going around trashing every video. What
    you said doesnt even remotely makes sense. though maybe they makes sense to
    your peanut size brain.

  8. It wasn’t the fact that he survived cancer. It’s what he did afterward that
    makes his survival notable. And the thing is, he points the finger back at
    each survivor, and tells us to “livestrong.” amazing

  9. Are you kidding me Lance haters? The fact that the doctor said he only got
    20-50% chance of surviving and beating the cancer. That alone gives me
    goosebumps. Forget what he did at the tour de france. This guy is a
    certified inspiration and a true winner by beating his cancer!

  10. RayWilliamJohansen

    why live my life to its fullest if lance Armstrong will always be faster
    and in better shape than me

  11. @sandrodream1 both are champions, but I like the lance’s style and
    determination of pantanni. very good cyclists

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