The leader of the Peterborough City Council (PCC), Marco Cereste has taken a vow that he will try his level best to impose a ban on cycling through the Bridge Street which lies in the city centre. Cereste has promised to do so because some days earlier, a cyclist riding ferociously via the city centre was about to hit Cereste’s little son.

Days after the above incident took place, Cereste again witnessed a cyclist breezing his way through the Bridge Street. This cyclist broke the law that prohibits cycling on Bridge Street between 9 in the morning to 6 in the evening from Monday to Saturday. Thus Cereste is very serious about banning cyclists as more and more of them have started to break rules and regulations.

According to Cereste, traffic of any kind including cyclists should be banned from three main areas of city centre- Bridge Street, Cathedral Square and Long Causeway. He thinks that it has become increasingly dangerous to walk around the city centre with cyclists flouting rules and weaving through the crowds.

A few days earlier Peterborough city councillor, Darren Fower had introduced a petition for the establishment of a cycling lane through the city centre. Fower is of the view that since Peterborough wants to be known as the environmental city then it should support environmentally-friendly means of transport like cycling by building a cycle lane through the Peterborough city centre. The petition put forward by Fower has received more than one-fifty signatures.

On one hand, some of the cyclists are not supporting the idea of banning bikers from the Bridge Street area. On the other hand other cyclists are of the view that riding through the Bridge Street is dangerous for both the pedestrians and riders. At the moment it really cannot be said whether the ban is going to be implemented or not.