Cadel Evans hails from Australia and has left his mark in the books of history of Australia as he has been the first player from Australia who has the Tour de France. Cadel Evans began his career as a mountain biker and moved on to be one of the greatest cyclists the region has produced.

Though he had won the World Cup in two consecutive years, he switched his career and moved on to cycling in the year 2001, where he finally found his forte and his passion. The move to the top of the ranks was a steady and gradual one and in the year 2007 and 2008, he proved his forte to the world and this was the time when his competitors took notice of him as a person to reckon with.

He went on to win the Tour de France in the year 2011 and again made history. This time he was one of the five oldest cyclists who had the privilege to win this title. From one win to the next, he proved that age was not a barrier in the winning process. His fitness was a matter of envy even for the young professional cyclists. He ensured that his fitness was not an excuse for him not to win the titles.

In the year, he moved on to racing on the roads rather than the tracks. This change took him a long way in leaving a mark in the history of cycling. Breaking one record after the other, his wins took him to the top slots of the international circuit and this was the time when he became a matter of inspiration to the young cyclists, and one of the 2013 best players.

Competing amongst the young cyclist, it would become a matter of pride for him to leave his mark in the history of cyclists.