1. alexwebsters12

    thats why britain is the best at cycling than any other nation, mark cavendish and bradley wiggins

  2. Mark Cavendish schools Peter Sagan on what acceleration and top speed look like.

  3. The best moment of an overall boring tour. I can watch this over and over!

  4. prelude97able

    That level of acceleration is insanity. Makes other sprinters look like amateurs.

  5. He went from 7th position to 1st in 2500ft and was clocked going 48 mph. Wow.

  6. STEAKrevolution

    Sanchez was shaking his head. Sanchez: Dayum!!!!!!! That guy is a beast!!!!!

  7. Sagan and Goss were on Cavs wheel when he launched….. they were 5 bikes back by the line!

    Sanchez waving his arm in the air in a gesture of resignation made me laugh too.

  8. When somebody launches the missile he normally hits the target :-). Gives me butterflies watching Cav demolish the field

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