1. The record for a sprinter is 22 (Darrigade, same as Cav) and the overall record is obviously Merckx at 34. Cav may want to break both of those but I doubt he cares much about Armstrong’s number.
    And if you’ve been watching I don’t think he has actually been sitting back, he’s won two stages already, hopefully a third today which although not up to his usual standards is still pretty good.  The reason it isn’t 4 or 5 is that he no longer has a lead out train and he has crashed a couple of times.

  2. few champions in main sports? In Pro Boxing only USA & Mexico has had more World champions so we are 3rd on the alltime list. Formula 1 we”ve had 10 world champions has any country had more? Jim Clark is considered the best driver ever by many experts. Track Cycling we are number 1, Pro Cycling is a continental sport not big in Britian, but i think we will get alot of sucess. Oh yeah Cavendish greatest sprinter ever lived..

  3. Really the English-Brits have few champions in the main world sports BUT when they have 1 champion who won just 1 world championship they made at least 10 videogames on him LOL
    Example for the WRC & the videogames on it ^^
    MCrae & Burns with their only 1 victory in the WRC but they have 10 videogames on them LOL
    Thus soon with the 1 victory of Wiggings in the greatest & most famous cycling race ‘Le Tour de France’, I predicted at least 10 videogames on the cycling named “Wiggins Cycling” LOL

  4. On road’s cycling maybe but not on track’s cycling where it is a French the faster & best sprinter in the world, faster than Cavendish sure, watch the Olympic Games to see him ^^

  5. OMG what a sprint from one of the best sprinter of all time and the best sprinter actually, in my opinion (:

  6. You’re right it isn’t a warm up but Cavendish has sat back this year because he is saving himself for the Olympics. Despite this i’m sure he will hitch a ride on the sky train for a sprint finish in Paris just to beat Armstrong’s 22 stage win record i think it is.

  7. I bet Cav has a laugh when he reads your comments on here!! Do you know him? Do you know what he’s thinking? And do you know for sure whats gone on in the past with his team mates? ermmmmm… NO!

  8. The reason why Cav failed to get the medal at the Beijing Olympics was because Wiggo got pissed the night before after getting his medals and was not on top form the next day in the team event with Cav, Wiggins effectively failed Cavendish. Which is why Wiggo has said he is going to help Cav get gold in the Olympic road race this year! 😀

  9. Sanchez was just mad because Sky won again.. just like he got mad when Wiggins dragged Boasson Hagen to a good position on a earlier stage.. He thinks that Sky should let other teams wins some stages aswell since Sky has the yellow jersey and the other teams are gonna get problems with their sponsors if they don’t win a single stage.

  10. silenceatsunrise

    Amazing, simply amazing. The Brits have shown them all how its done…! 🙂 lol

  11. If the Tour de France was not such a big deal to Cav, he would have done what Geraint Thomas et al did and sit it out this year.
    I do get your point but I find it quite hard to think of the biggest cycling events of the year and one of the most gruelling sporting challenges as a ‘warm up’

  12. haha, I think Froome may be the team leader next year though, Wiggins is getting old and Froome looks like he could have dominated some of those mountain stages 🙂

  13. Mark Cavendish”s main goal this yr is to win Olympic road race Gold. In the Beijing Olympics Mark was the only rider in the whole British team not to win a medal. His whole training & losing weight is based around the Gold medal.

  14. BlackenedThunder

    Yeah I was gonna write an apology to you, good thing you didn’t let me forget it, lol. Froome still got the second place, though. Props to Wiggins.

  15. Wiggins dominated. The reason he was Sky’s leader is because they knew he represented the best chance of overall victory. Froome may have been stronger in the mountains but he had to work for Bradley because he is overall a better rider (for now)

  16. BlackenedThunder

    I know, but I think Froome will try his best to give the world a message about the whole situation. Also, this time-trial is more highlandy, that’d probably give Froome some advantage. Nevertheless, my point is still accurate whether Wiggo wins it, or Froome does.

  17. BlackenedThunder

    What a fucking sprint. Sky has a chance of a treble now that the stage 18 went to Cavendish. Froome can get the time trial, and again Cavendish in Paris.

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