1. EuropeanTourism

    Well we will wait and see what they have. Surely you don’t charge someone of his current legendary status for doping on a bit of a whim.
    Well yeah I mean child rape and doping are 2 different issues. I was merely using an anaolgy, it would appear very difficult for pro cyclists to speak out against their team who employ them in a sport they love. You wouldn’t be sure if you’d get another team, so it’s much easier to wait until you’ve retired to speak out.

  2. I’m saying that all these former teammates of lance are only dragging his name through the mud, because of all the allegations against them. Like I said, if the french organizations and UCI gave up because they didn’t have anything on him, I view anything from this U.S. investigation with serious doubt and scrutiny. btw, child rape and saying that somebody doped is just a little different.

  3. EuropeanTourism

    Well if team mates got jealous and made things up, then we’d have seen the old banesto team grassing up Indurain. These things tend to be much easier to speak out against once you’ve retired, lest you get awkward stares from your fellow professionals.
    Are you suggesting in cases of child rape victims, because they didn’t speak out for 15 years that it’s no longer relevant?
    I’m interested to see what the got, the US anti doping wouldnt have brought the case up unless they had good hard evidence.

  4. lol, do you mean all his former teammates that are jealous because they were never as successful as he was? Their testimonies won’t hold up simply because of how long they have waited to do so. Why didn’t they come forward immediately if they actually “saw” him doping? Because they didn’t. They are only going against lance because now all them are getting brought up in cases of doping. If the frnch couldn’t find anything while he was riding, then he is clean.

  5. EuropeanTourism

    You’ll see it soon enough, ppl are going to testify against Armstrong and prove once and for all he was a cheat

  6. yea, except lance pretty much dominated the field for seven whole years, whereas landis looked liked he was dead, then all of the sudden came back out of nowhere. The french drug testing tried their asses off to nail lance during the tour (the pretty much despised the fact that an american dominated their race) and I hardly doubt that the UCI had much love for him. I see no evidence of lance cheating.

  7. lol. Finally a guy who agrees that all are dopers. Go on a Lance video and say he was dopped. I dare you! 😀

  8. Landis had a succesful breakfast after he died at the former stage:-)) Maybe he took all the chemicals he found around him!:-)) But I take a shit it, that was my greatist cycling experience while watch the Tour!! Thanks Landis, thanks Chemicals!! :-)))

  9. yeah. That sort of tells it. He “came clean” the same way Bjarne Riis did. After everyone knew he was.

  10. Landis admitted to doping the year after he published a book about how he was clean.

  11. landis never came clean, even after he got caught he kept on lying for years and tried to ruin the antidopingagencies with endless rounds in the courtroom. Landis did nothing but fight against the sport of cycling.

  12. Ahh… I miss Michael Boogerd and his teeth. I don’t know why but when he grits them it cracks me up every time. His teeth are so bright he probably doesn’t need a light if he wants to ride at night.

  13. sarikirmizinet

    DOPEMAN but i think he would still win with 2 minuts, if he was not doped.

  14. doped to the friggin eyeballs this never ceases to amaze me
    one of the best things ive watched in cycling ever!

  15. Why dont the tour organisers make it possible to ride the tour without the use of drugs, i mean come on 5 mountains in a day and then they go out and do it again the next day what do they expect when they make the routes harder each year its ridiculous. Im not by any means standing up for the riders because most of them are cheating cunts but nowadays no one wins the tour without some sort of drug. This is how people lose faith in the sport because of cheating WANKERS like landis and armstrong.

  16. IF they are all doping, it seems logical to conclude that the playing field is level…doesn’t it? Therefore, he deserves credit for the win. Too bad the whole sport is corrupt in drugs.

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