1. It will be a bummer to see the titles stripped if it comes to that. This is a slippery slope IMO simply because what do you do…take his titles away one by one and give it to second place? Another cyclist who may, or may not have doped and beat testing as well gets the title?. Seems pretty unfair in that respect. How can you really prove the next guy was clean when Lance tested clean himself? We shall see…

  2. Dear Mr Armstrong you should of stayed away from that pester power, name dropping, stars in his eyes corrupt politician, Mike Rann. Remember him Mr Armstrong, Mike Rann is the one that contacted the authorities in regards to your current problems. And also, thanks for ripping off taxpayers money for your appearances in South Australia. Ever heard of the Skin Cancer Classic Race, Lance. You should of, as you rode in atrocious hot weather in South Australia Double Standards Lance!

  3. 7agneskickingbird7

    When will people understand that not testing postive doesn’t mean an athlete is clean.
    Jacques Anquetil, a five time winner of the TDF back in 1960 said that you can’t ride 100 miles a day three weeks straight and hold yourself together on food and water.
    Marion Jones competed for a decade passing over 160 tests with no positive
    Riis never tested positive but later admitted to it
    Everyone in the tour is dirty. If it makes you feel better, he was the best athlete in a sea of dopers

  4. Oh and you have the proof of corse. Wait … what you don’t have any proof. But like so many other “experts” you know he is dirty.
    Lance is the most tested athlete in history and over the last 14 years they have never been able to prove or show that lance cheated.
    If it was any other athlete i might believe they were cheating but to try and prove some one is cheating over 14 years and still not able to show any thing can only mean he is clean.

  5. Inspired millions???? The world, except the US, thinks Lance is a joke. This guy does one race a year and gets so much attention in this country.

  6. Anyone knowing cycling knows that US Postal way doped to the gills. They TTT every mountainstage. Not possible clean.

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