1. Cycling consists form road cycling only? This is incorrect tendency to own cycling term by road riders. Cycling is all spectrum of racing/trial/etc. ob bicycles. And remember – cycling as sport strated at velodrome. So pay respect please!

  2. In Belgium ??!! DDD what a bad and clueless tip !!
    Not even belgian riders use to live in Belgium, prof riders use to live & train in Italy
    or Spain ( mainly in Italy where facilities, roads , trainers and overall organization are
    the best in the world ) , but recently nobody wants to live in Spain anymore , it’s believed to be too dangerous x any rider …….;-)

  3. @bikeracerguy Keep winning bigger and bigger races until you are older and keep training and eating healthily, both summer and winter. Then live in Belgium 😀

  4. bbishoffproducer

    ‘Peel’ said the Lithuanian cobbler. And then he walked off the distance between the souls of Gandhi and Lawrence Welk…

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