1. ALL 10 of his former team-mates. As someone else wrote” Dopestrong continued to be a paying client of Dr Ferrari even AFTER the Dr had already been declared a fraud by his own countrys court system, and AFTER it was proven he helped dope dozens of cyclist with EPO”. “In between Tour stages Lance spent hours in the cafeteria all by himself, scratching his head wondering where his teammates and trainers were. Now Lance finds out they were all hiding out injecting EPO and taking blood transfusion”

  2. He was charged formally June 13 2012. Since then 3 of his close associates have been banned for life. Ten of his fellow teammates will testify he used dope. I honestly don’t hate ArmProng, but yes on an intellectual as well as a visceral level, I don’t like him for cheating. Similarly, I don’t hate swindlers Bernie Madoff, Allen Stanford, Ken Lay, Russell Wasendorf, but I hate their crimes. At some level I do pity them all, even DopeStrong, but I love justice which I believe should be served.

  3. not true. Armstrong was tested countless times during races, as well as during his training, and he never failed a drug test. Just because a bunch of people have now come up and said that he used steroids means nothing. No hard evidence. Lance truly is the greatest cyclist of all time. Long live the tour.

  4. Get your facts straight: everyone uses it. EPO makes you 30% faster, that’s proven. But guys like Armstrong won with 3 minutes, almost nothing – don’t tell me that you truly believe, that anyone is almost 30% better than Armstrong, Contador and Landis without doping. Very naive!

  5. They have been going on about that stuff for years, so how come he has not been charged yet? Why are you even here commenting on vids of him if you dislike him so much? Hmmmm?

  6. I also don’t condone to cheater’s,but no one’s perfect…i look at the good of people,not the bad…just saying!!!! One your the best at something,there will ne alot of people hating you…it’s good to know mussicNsoccer don’t hate Armstrong….you just tell how it is in your opinion,i res piece that:)

  7. Remember crooks Bernie Madhoff, Allen Stanford, and the most recent Russell Wasendorf all pretended to be great philanthropists while they simultaneously cheating all their clients blind. Reminds you any other cheetah?

  8. I don’t know much about professional cycling, but if they all cheated wouldn’t it technically be fair? Also I think it’s more of those who get caught vs. those who don’t, not those who cheat vs. those who don’t.

  9. “This court is not inclined to indulge Armstrong’s desire for publicity, self-aggrandizement or vilification of Defendants, by sifting through 80 mostly unnecessary pages in search of the few kernels of factual material relevant to his claims,” US district judge Sam Sparks said today as he dismissed the doper’s frivolous lawsuit.

  10. I think you are confused. Most anti-Armstrong cycling fans don’t hate him, they just really dislike his deeds and for cheating fellow cyclists who chose to play by the rules. Many pro-Armstrong fans bring up the fact that many cyclists cheated, true, but that is not and never will be a justification for his actions. Doing good for cancer victims is great, but does not absolve him. Dope Strong, Win Wrong, Cheat Long, Arm Prong!

  11. 10 teammates that will testify under oath. Blood sample evidence will be presented. His olive oil/testosterone/epo mixing doctors now banned for life. Testimony by others (non-teammates). That’s powerful evidence.

  12. I’m a 100% fan boy of lance armstrong..AND? If he did dope or didn’t…i look at armstrong not just a cyclist,but the good he did for the cancer community and othe charities.etc…oh by the way, All you people hating on Armstrong are only half the man he is,and he only has one ball….

  13. Every team in the Tour de France had doped riders, all the riders who were a chance for the GC were involved in doping and blood transfusions. That’s the reality of not just cycling – but all sports where money, fame and competition is involved. PED’s weren’t invented in the 90’s – it’s happened throughout history.
    You don’t think Team Sky are on anything today?

    Calling you names that are accurate describing words for petty internet twats such as yourself indicates nothing about me whatsoever.

  14. you’re naive if you think everyone is doping or that other people doing it makes it legal or acceptable.
    but from the looks of it (raging and calling names on the internet, making pathetic arguments) you probably never competed in any sport, so it’s not surprising you don’t get it…

  15. ok, once again – for the slow people: it doesn’t matter if i could do it or not. it doesn’t matter if he wasn’t the only one. it doesn’t matter that he had cancer.
    my point is he’s a cheater. and staring down another cheater, probably knowing he cheated better doesn’t make him a hero!
    now stop being such a naive fanboy and think about what you are saying if you think it through: it’s ok to cheat when others do it too – you’ll still be a hero if you’re the better cheater? ridiculous!

  16. You fucking moron.

    People capable of beating him? The whole peleton was doping, just like most other professional athletes across all sports – the way it has always been, athletes at the top echelon will look to performance enhancing drugs.

    You’re a naive dick head, or just an envious dick head. You aren’t even a tenth of the man Armstrong is. Against a doped field he was the best, amongst a non doping field – what do you think?

  17. My point is in a sport filled with performance enhancing drugs Lance still won – with or without them. But regardless, he showed the guts, the heart, and the will to defeat the competition no matter the circumstances. He blatantly stared Jan Ulrich down and then sped off to beat him – who cares how strong you are from drugs or not – that is a mental showdown and Lance proved he was better. You don’t have the guts, the heart, or the will to win the Tour even with drugs.

  18. The fact that there is still so much debate possible about whether or not Armstrong is guilty or not is because the evidence against him although compelling, is entirely circumstantial in nature. If he is guilty I sincerely hope that new incontrovertible evidence to that effect is revealed and justice is served. But until such evidence surfaces as things presently stand a finding of guilt would probably contravene normal legal requirements for such a result.

  19. I doubt you could win 7 Tour de Frances after recovering from cancer using any performance enhancers.

  20. InspectorphattApple

    Lance Armstrong sorry!!!! He’s a cheater cheater dick beater caught cancer in the nuts cause he’s a steroid eater!

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