1. Stage 18 2012 sprint was awesome. It’s this man that got me addicted to Tour De France.
    He saves this pocket of energy and then he just goes WHAM! Love ‘im. 🙂

  2. Great music man he’s so amazing still the fastest man on two wheels screw that green jersey winner this year Cavendish smokes him

  3. I think he’s a brilliant little bloke. His incredible desire to win makes him absolutely the real thing – in the years to come when he retires, he’ll have an astonishing palmares.

    And to that minority of sour halfwits on here, I suggest you watch football instead – along with all the other foul-mouthed chavs.

  4. Try reading, watching and learning a bit. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but that really is an uneducated comment to write. If you don’t like Cav, fine, but try to make a reasoned comment cos what you have written is just total rubbish.

  5. I can’t tell how many times I have watched the Cav crying clip. It always makes me cry. All he wants to do is race and win in the biggest bike race of the year. I am going through shit right now and I come to this for tears of joy. Thank you so much for the video.

  6. yeah well this seems to be the most watched cav vid so i say what a charmless dimwit who leaves cycling a legacy of popping his head out into the wind with three feet to go , fuck him

  7. does nt need a train,jumps to the best sprinters in the world, pure British Grit….

  8. @Darrenov…. Come on, He is one of the best cyclists in the world at sprinting, and because he’s a sprinter, he doesn’t try and get a good ranking in GC. You can’t critisise him for that.

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