1. drugs make a HUGE difference to an athlete….. a natural athlete cannot compete with a doping athlete….. ; i.e. u cant win the 100m in the olympics or the tour de france if ur not on gear

  2. Don’t hang him until he’s found guilty idiots he’s still histories best rider until the court proves otherwise

  3. gr8whenyrstr8

    You americans will always have the original and true tour de france champion Greg Lemond.
    the sooner armstrong is forgotten about the better. 1999 winner: Alex Zulle, 2000,2001 & 2003 :Jan Ullrich, 2002 :Joseba Beloki, 2004 Andreas Kloden, 2005 Ivan Basso

  4. let it be already……even if he doped back in his hay day…at least he was never caught…just leave him alone….

  5. The world, except the US, thinks Lance is a joke. This guy does one race a year and gets so much attention in this country.

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