1. There all up on the gear and everyone knows it, that’s not the point. The dude comes to big island and has a private security detail fallowing I’m in a escalade. WTF! It’s big island, like your going to get jacked-Not. Other world class athletes come to the rock and give and get pure Aloha. Props to Macca, Crowie, lieto and the girls too.

  2. Lance is definitely dirty as hell. But guys that rise up like he did and become the cream of the sport are often “protected”. The problem with Lance is that too many entities that are close enough to him to make the suspicion undeniable, are barking. They need to shake his ass down like they did Landis, simple and plain. He’s dopin.

  3. Between USADA and WADA he has been tested 500 times and find no evidence. Then they say their OWN testing means nothing. Sounds like a job at a “quasi-governmental agency” is a good gig. You get to claim whatever you want against an athlete, bar him/her from competing in other sports, have the right to take away their titles, get funded by tax dollars, and you are answerable to nobody. No one has had that kind of power since Germany 1932-1945.

  4. At the top levels they’re all doping. Outing a guy like Lance is just for show so that the public will perceive the sport as legit.

  5. i heard he injected epo into his left testicle, do you think that’s true?

  6. You are right. And let me add a few other things. All his top rivals (Ullrich, Basso, Pantani, etc) have been caught doping. And he beat them. That tells you something right there. Armstrong is claiming he passed 500 tests. None of those guys failed a drug test either — they were caught thanks to former teammates and doctors, etc. And the tests are a joke! They don’t even have a reliable test for autologous blood transfusions (injecting your own blood). Yep, he doped.

  7. 7agneskickingbird7

    Your hero is dirty, don’t be so naive.
    If it makes you feel better, everyone in the TDF is dirty and he was of them, so in a clean race would probably win.

  8. Anyone knowing cycling knows that US Postal way doped to the gills. They TTT every mountainstage. Not possible clean.

  9. Wow that’s really true, but you know they love to go after the stars of the sport.

  10. They turned a blind eye to it for him and others…then suddenly somebody gets butt hurt and wants to go after him for it. Certainly there are a bunch of others who had great runs as cyclists who were doing the same thing. What about them…or are they exempt because they were not as successful? Its all BS…

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