1. Ciaran Hudson

    It took a few minutes to get going, but the middle of that was absolutely

  2. sicily smothers

    I love David O’Doherty! He listed all of my top terrible movies of recent
    history(although I believe Lance Armstrong must also be responsible for
    Norbit). I will never get back the hour and a half where Martin Lawrence,
    yet again, was forced into a situation where he must dress as a comically
    large elderly woman who ends up having to sleep in the same bed as a super
    foxy lady, who then asks,”Big Mama, what is that pressing up against me?” 

  3. Sara Barrass

    Oh great I touched the negative button as I thought it would show me what
    on earth neg: comments ANYONE could say about this funny piece! So I am
    sorry I added to the three negatives .. Now there are four.. Maybe the
    other three were as dim as I … Ah .. There’s the answer…

  4. Hilarious!!! He actually made a musical version of this, I hope somebody
    uploads that one, too!

  5. john cummings

    Can you change this to an attribution license so I can add it to your
    Wikipedia article pretty please?

  6. john cummings

    It changes the allowed use of the video so it can be used on Wikipedia,
    (this thing won’t let me include links so just google the following and
    it’s the top link) here’s the explanation of creative commons attribution
    license Creative Commons Attribution license and here’s how to change it on
    Youtube: Wikihow Change the License of a YouTube Video to Creative Commons

  7. Hernando Rodriques

    perfect, needed a good laugh! O’Doherty to the rescue yet again

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