1. what do you mean with “the body is trying to get rid of that stuff ( salts)”??

  2. I don’t think he used it to cut water weight. Maybe he’s innocent: like, he got “poisoned” in some way. Or, he took them for some other reason.

  3. ryanchandler25

    wow I didn’t know that. Thanks for responding. Great footage of the 2003 Tour the other day. I got all the Lance years on dvd. Great to ride to on the indoor trainer when it’s winter and snowy. 

  4. Its one of the oldest tricks in the book. Im not saying its the case here but its happened many times before when a team gives a rider a pill that makes em perform shit so they can’t ask as much for their contract for next season.

  5. The tour has gotten slower the last few years. Which is a good sign that the doping problem has gotten better. They are generating 5.9 to 6 W/kg on the longer HC climbs nowadays compared to 6.4 to 6.5W/kg in the 1990’s and 2000’s.

  6. FYI, the Ironman Perform drink that they hand out at Ironman races has 475 mg of sodium for a 20 oz serving. Why the Ironman people are trying to swell everyone up is very confusing.

  7. I spoke with Arnsteins wife and she said that he doesn’t use Salt tablets anymore. Just maybe gels at the end of a long Ultra.

  8. Salt water tastes bad! Maybe salt pills are a better way of getting that sodium over a long period of time… idk. I’m also assuming when you say why not drink salt water that your not saying replacing all the water you drink with it… cause that just accelerates water loss lol. Just a little makes sense…

    Of course I’m not addressing the real question of whether we need the sodium or not. Looking forward to what you say on that!

  9. I’ve been vegan for about 3 years, some cooked grains/beans/veg, miso soup in the winter. The cooked thing doesn’t work for me, I put on weight, feel tired, and cooked food for me is very tastless without salt. Also puts blood pressure up. I’m raw for the next 6 months or so, & have stopped all the salt for the 1st time as of 1 week ago. Still craving it, hope that stops soon. I noticed the more salt you eat, even a pinch on the salad, the more you want. Hopefully the craving goes away soon! 🙂

  10. ryanchandler25

    I don’t think any team would intentionally give one of their riders a drug because it hurts the team. With everything going on, I’d be surprised if Radio Shack didn’t pull their sponsership.

  11. Christ, some people are so naive. Everyone at the highest level in sport uses PED’s, it has been this way since the 1950/60s.

  12. Hey DR, if u had to choose 1 or the other, what would u choose bananas or dates..? I go for the dates ! Cheers bro 🙂

  13. im sure a read a medical report about the red blood cell count being just below the max for all cyclist irrelivent of their country? gentic and environmental factors should show a huge variety…. only answer, everyone dopes to just within legal limits. I also wouldnt put it past someone being paid to put it in his food. Stupidity, taking it without realising it was on there, or that he had some dodgy steak with it in

  14. i attended in a seminar by the chief medical officer of the british lta on doping, i would be very shocked if many sports were as tough. clenbuteral is as banned in tennis as it is in cycling….

    There is off course the arguement to allow drugs in sport, would be alot safer and would take away advantages of living at altitude (or your team having the money to send you training at altitude) as well as genetic factors between dif populations…

  15. i do agree that cycling has tough standards (but alot of cheats), and the reality is cycling is about physical ability where as a large part of tennis is about skill (only recently (last 20-30) has fitness entered into it.

    as for Jail? most arent illegal… Marion jones (sprinter) went to prison for lying to FBI agents (she never tested positive)! Im not sure what the legal level of testosterone is for tennis, but the williams sister probably have 4 times more than most women mwahaha

  16. Mike Arnstein just finished Bad Water. The toughest foot race on the planet. Id put money on it that 100% of the runners used salt pills too. Id also say its not needed. Why not just drink salt water? Fill up an esky with sea water and drink it?

    I will do a vid about this subject of salt.

  17. Well give someone salt pills slipped into a drink and they will still crave salt. Salt is connected to calories to most of us. You can’t just lick some salt and be done with it can you? We MUST have calories with it. Its like people crave ‘crunch’. Why? Cos we associate crunch with calories. Yet you can eat crunch celery and not satisfy your ‘crunch’ craving yeah? Cos celery has fuck all cals in it.

    We have cravings but its calories we crave at the end of the day. Thats a good thing. 🙂

  18. Tennis is full of une chaudiere’s!! lol!

    In cycling we have the toughest testing and punishments. How many tennis players have been put in jail for doping? ZERO!

    In tennis you can have a testosterone level 4 times higher than normal!!

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