1. As someone else wrote” Dopestrong continued to be a paying client of Dr Ferrari even AFTER the Dr had already been declared a fraud by his own countrys court system, and AFTER it was proven he helped dope dozens of cyclist with EPO”. “In between Tour stages Lance spent hours in the cafeteria all by himself, scratching his head wondering where his teammates and trainers were. Now Lance finds out they were all hiding out injecting EPO and taking blood transfusion”

  2. The letter specifically alleges that “multiple riders with firsthand knowledge” will testify that Armstrong used EPO, blood transfusions, testosterone and masking agents, and that he distributed and administered drugs to other cyclists from 1998 to 2005. The letter alleges that numerous witnesses will testify that Armstrong also used human growth hormone before 1996.

  3. IM 70.3 Texas — Lance was 7th out of 48 pro’s. 38 pro’s were racing IM 70.3 California the same weekend, so likely a few (including winner Andy Potts) that would have beat LA @ Texas. Panama only had 23 pro’s, & only a few of them were really very good. Lance’s best 1/2 marathon in a 70.3 is this 1:17. Crowie goes through the half in that time on his way to 2:38-2:42 marathons at full IM events. (And guess which half of the marathon in an IM is the altogether tough half.) Different league.

  4. 40 is not “old” for IM. @ IM Melbourse last weekend: Crowie (age 38) 1st in 7hrs57; 2nd Brown (age 39) in 8hrs00. Van Lierde is planning to do Nice IM which is the one Lance is aiming for. Van Lierde did 8hrs01 at Melbourne. He’ll smoke LA on the run in Nice. Lance can’t run sub 3 in an IM. June 24 will confirm it. But Lance did well at Panama — keen to see how he does this weekend against a better field, at home in Texas (70.3).

  5. You generally can’t compare one race course to another. Panama’s swim course was clearly either short or current driven or both – everyone’s swim time was too fast. None of these courses are “certified”; in Panama, I can’t imagine getting it right would be a priority. Heck, LA even cut the bike course when he went the wrong way. Crowie just did 7hrs57 in Melbourne IM; even he won’t tell you that it was his best IM ever. Panama field was anthing but deep. Texas this weekend will be better guage.

  6. LA’s time was 3:50:55

    I googled Macca and 70.3 and realised that in at least two 2009 races LA’s time, in great heat, would have won.

    1) Terenzo Bozzone (SRAM RED) 3:51:25 2) Chris McCormack (SRAM RED) 3:52:18 3) Cameron Brown 3:52:31

    McCormack got to the line in 3:54:15, with Vanhoenecker just three seconds behind. Third was Massimo Cigana in 3:54:18.

  7. “What did you learn today?”
    LA should of said, “I learned that, well, these triathletes are a bunch of pussies.”

    Come on, he is not young, from another sport, but comes in 2nd in his first race! He is man. I want him to beat “He’ll get Chrissed” Macca, though I like Macca too.

  8. Lance got beat by a sprint triathlete preparing for the Olympic distance race in London this summer. This was Docherty’s first 1/2 ironman in 12 years. At 1:00 Lance acknowledging what the tri- coaches he is using are telling him — he won’t blow away everyone on the bike. It’s different when you are swimming before and running after. Lance had third fastest bike leg in Panama.

  9. I did not know who he was until he arrived here to Panama City and I read the newspaper..

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