1. Lance Armstrong Faces Grim Endgame as His Doctors Are Banned for Doping (abc news). While the seven-time Tour de France champion maintains that he never used any performance enhancing drugs, official sanctions (lifetime bans) have now been handed down against three men directly linked to Armstrong’s cycling achievements.

  2. treeslungsveins

    1 possible bad brick out of a beautiful wall and u this guy cbromans828

  3. I wish you wouldn’t promote Lance Armstrong so much. He’s a doping dirtbag as are so many of the ‘elites’ in that sport. He’s not worthy of your validation and enthusiasm. You’re probably better than half of them, if they were forced off their drugs, and maybe more. Thanks for your great videos. = )

  4. There is video of Lance having coffee at the TdF. His Favorite blend. He was making it himself..it was one of the last TdF he raced. Sooooooooo………..just asking. 😉

  5. “I hurt myself today To see if I still feel I focus on the pain The only thing that’s real The needle tears a hole The old familiar sting Try to kill it all away But I remember everything What have I become My sweetest friend Everyone I know goes away In the end And you could have it all My empire of dirt I will let you down I will make you hurt”

  6. dirtkeepsthefunk

    Exercising on an empty stomach in the morning can improve glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. However, in some individuals exercising before breakfast causes earlier fatigue (thus reducing the quality of one’s training session).

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    Hey Durianriders also what kind of blender are y(the black one at the end of the video) are you using to mix your bananas? Mine is about broke and I’m looking for a new one. Any other appliance info would be helpful. Thanks

  8. youontwantnonnadis

    Hey durianriders can you show us how to make that banana smoothie you’re drinking in this video? Ingredients and all please. Can you also include details about your diet and daily meals, especially what you eat before and after riding. Thanks

  9. The letter specifically alleges that “multiple riders with firsthand knowledge” will testify that Armstrong used EPO, blood transfusions, testosterone and masking agents, and that he distributed and administered drugs to other cyclists from 1998 to 2005. The letter alleges that numerous witnesses will testify that Armstrong also used human growth hormone before 1996.

  10. The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency brought formal doping charges against former cyclist Lance Armstrong in an action that could cost him his seven Tour de France titles, according to a letter sent to Armstrong and several others Tuesday.
    As a result of the charges, Armstrong has been immediately banned from competition in triathlons, a sport he took up after his retirement from cycling in 2011.

  11. USA is hands down the cheapest place on earth for organic fruits. Even cheaper than Cambodia based on average wages.

  12. That suxs many i get 36 kilos of bananas in the US for 36 usd about 44 cents a lb. I couldnt imagine spending over $100 for so little.

  13. Saved my Mom’s life after her heart attack. Now she is off all the meds she took for 30yrs, except for her thyriod med. All this in a year & a half after her heart attack. Tell that to the dr.’s, ..they call it a miracle.:) haha

  14. BozalliCopter

    Oh snap good comeback!

    As A vegetarian guy who loves cycling, its great to find these videos. I think I am going to start having more carbs, you are pretty convincing!

  15. UnRealLivingHQ

    hahah I love how you are wearing the shirt I designed, looks great Harls!

  16. cruciferousvegetable

    I think you are dead on about vegan taking off. I use it as a conversation starter and have found vegans crawling out of the woodwork everywhere I go. In business, on the street, people you would never guess are vegan everywhere. 

    It is the next evolution of man.

  17. Very true…never again for me. The migraine afterward was only slightly worse than the completely high feeling. 🙁

  18. Hi Harley! Nice answer…………I suggest you go to around the 2.26 minute mark of this video and listern to yourself.
    You are not misleading me,but i feel it might be misleading to others.
    As to me making assumptions so i can keep eating big macs had me laughing,i have never eatern a big mac in my life.
    Like you i was on the Paleo path before the begining of this year and had been for a few years.
    Cutting out meat,fish and dairy has made a huge difference,i no longer have lower back pain.

  19. Awesome…thanks man! So would this be on top of your banana smoothie breakfast, or do you just get up nibble a little and bring food with on your ride? I’m just trying to see if I should still consume normal breakfast before going out or if it’d be better to consume a few hundred calories before and then consistently eat during ride. Sorry for the overload questions 🙂

  20. If its a 5k race. That only takes me just over or under 17 mins. They normally start at 7am so Ive already eaten 1500 cals.

  21. Sometimes I go out for a 10 min walk on the beach. Sometimes its a 10 hour day in the hills. If Im going longer than 30mins I eat a few hundred cals before I go out or take it with me and nibble on the road. Like 5 big medjool dates etc.

    If you’re going out longer than 1 hr, take in1g of carbs per kg of bodyweight per hour REGARDLESS of your fitness level.

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