1. awesomeguy234564

    Ok USADA. Keep on killing cancer patients by cutting off more funds to his charities and wasting our tax money on taking down one person when you should be taking down the whole sport.

  2. And those separate notions are only joined together by intellectual half-wits that have no other straws to grasp than “dah, ur just jealus cuz he haz money and did charitable work”. I was going to make a joke about the natural progression of your awful logic, but you already pretty much implied that anyone that decries Armstrong as a lying cheater is also somehow pro-cancer and pro-painful-death. Your blind love and defense of Armstrong is excruciatingly stupid; I suggest you go read a book.

  3. Now you’ve entered into the area I mentioned in the video: stupid fuckwit that cannot separate Armstrong’s cheating from his work with cancer treatment facilities and such. Your logic is abhorrently awful: decrying Armstrong for cheating in a sport while banking MILLIONS of dollars in personal benefit on the predication that he “did it clean” IN NO WAY invokes Livestrong or his aforementioned work with cancer charities. The two are completely separate notions.

  4. DannyKidRadio

    seems to me saying its different what one does with cheating fame vs another is convienet for that person if they are jealous petty and small..esp since lance has done alot for cancer. weather or not all $ went to what, i dont know but i know cancer patients who have said “seeing a yellow wrist band makes me feel like im not alone and gives me hope” …take that away due to jealousy because in someones mind lance “cheated” better than the next guy, i would suggest, is cruel.

  5. DannyKidRadio

    In this context i dont see how you can distinguish a difference between lance and the sport. everything he’s achieved and done subsiquently has been because of the sport, like it or not, which means you have to take into acount everyone elses actions..he had to beat someone..

  6. Not going to lie, I don’t give a shit. I mean yeah lefty you put forward a good case and all and I in no way mean to insult you but at the same time i think I would be more surprised if he wasn’t involved in doping. I mean come on cycling is one of the worst sports in terms of illegal doping. At least Armstrong used his fame to help forward cancer research and for that I give props to the man. I feel his input into that more than outweighs the fact he cheated in a sport rife with cheaters

  7. It may be true that EVERYONE on that tour is doping, and stripping Lance of his titles would just place the crown on another cheater, but that is a completely different argument, one that has nothing to do specifically with Lance Armstrong, a man that garnered a whole lot of personal fame and fortune from his cheating. Also, don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because someone chooses to focus on Armstrong’s cheating that they are implicitly saying that nobody else in the sport cheats.

  8. Well, you are free to try to dispel any evidence you wish, but when said evidence is scientific in nature (i.e. Armstrong’s samples that failed EPO testing), the burden of proof shifts to you to personally discredit the evidence without equivocation. And yes, the sport itself is rife with dopers and cheaters (there is no doubt in a rational, logical mind that Armstrong is among them), but we are not talking about the sport as a whole, we are talking about Lance Armstrong.

  9. DannyKidRadio

    I could produce a guy with “first hand accounts” and “circumstancial evidence” of an alien abduction..sounds fishy. Bottom line if doping was as bad as floyd landis, tyler hamilton and the USADA say it was, lace beat guys who were doping as he doped. if lance won clean he beat guys who were doping…and what are you gonna do if he does get stripped of his titles? give the wins to the second place guys? 3 of them are jan ullrich, a tested positive and banned and title stripped doper! so sad

  10. Yeah, because homophobia, hatred, and discrimination are definitely making the world a better place. It takes a large amount of stupidity to believe in a middle-eastern, poor carpenter who claims to be God’s son. I was raised in a Christian family, I went to Church twice each Sunday and once on Wednesday. At the age of six I was able to think to myself “Hey, there probably isn’t a God.” It’s cool to believe in a deity of some sort, but to devote your life to Christianity is just silly.

  11. Wow… Just wow. Listen man, that statement fills me with a profound sadness. I pity your world-view. Maybe one day you’ll be able to get your head out of your ass.

  12. Yes, Ashenden’s first-hand account of handling Armstrong’s samples is all over the place, so a simple Google search should suffice (I can’t link in comments). Also, the “pay offs” were 1.) more circumstantial in evidence, and thus their mere existence would not necessarily warrant proceeding with a criminal case in America and 2.) the federal case against Armstrong was more based in financial aspects–i.e. alleging that Armstrong used Postal Service Team funds to finance doping.

  13. rabidsquirrelfur

    no, im just disappointed about atheists. there is so much more to love and achieve in a life filled with God.

  14. DannyKidRadio

    6 failed tests? do you have links to this proof?
    and if he paid to have it all go away how did the supreme court back off in feb?
    ive never heard this stuff, trolls, so back off im seriously just curious..trolls

  15. Armstrong’s views on religion have absolutely nothing to do with his doping. Why even mention his atheist tendencies? A little insecure about our own concept of God, are we?

  16. most of the serious cyclists in his era have tested positive…there’s no way armstrong could have won 7titles w/o doping…to all those who say he passed 500 odd tests….marion jones also never tested positive and she has used drugs all her life…

  17. well cycling is very problematic as it seems to be little more than a muscle endurance sport. Doesn’t seem to be any specific skill or craft one can hone like baseball, soccer or even billiards.

  18. I too have that same idea/perspective, that all these athletes are doping, and well if they are (most likely) then yes it does balance things out. Not to mention Lance still needed to train like a mule. And thats a fact, because doping enhances his skills, not magically make him do something like this, and do it as well as he has in the past. I would say though it does matter. Maybe they should add a legal limit ? because the act of doping seems inevitable

  19. So he got cancer, lost a nut, won a couple more tours, and was banging Sheryl Crow the entire time. People looked up to this guy. People held this man in such high esteem. Turns out he’s just as awful as the rest of us. This is fucking amazing.

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