1. both armstrong are liers. the one who claim that he landed on moon and now one who landed in Oprah show.

  2. Well, even if he come out clean at the beginning he would still get shit from everyone and he won 7 consecutive tour de france which is obviously the reason why he constantly lies. He wanted to make a miracle story where a person had testicular cancer was able to beat and come back to win the tour de france. This type of achievement sounds incredible but we all know that was full of shit.

  3. kingofthemile87

    True a lot of them cheated about 90% or so but not everyone. The problem I have with Armstrong more now was why he kept it hidden all this time & lying to everyone when he could have just come out clean and said he was on drugs to begin with….fucking coward I don’t care if he beat testicular cancer… Hypocrisy is something I can’t stand

  4. The problem with your comment is you said ”These honest, hard working men and women were robbed of medals, money, and glory” when most of the riders in that era were doped. Don’t think that lance is the only one that doped, many cyclist have doped as well but lance is the one that won the championship. Still Armstrong is a big loser

  5. seaFoodSifu

    Wow, what a unique answer. And what a contradiction. If you did do athletics, you would know that anyone who abuses PEDs and is competing against you, you would loathe. Ah, you wish you were something, kid.

  6. TheSpaceguy33

    Are you kidding me? Yeah I “obviously don’t do any form athletics”. I’m guaranteed a better athlete than you are.. LOL fuck off dude you’re a waste of my time.

  7. seaFoodSifu

    I’m American, and I think your racism makes you idiotic. Are you going to support the KKK because they’re American? If you’re German, would you support Hitler even though he was wrong too?

    You’re pathetic.

  8. seaFoodSifu

    That’s because you obviously don’t do any form of athletics. Anyone who does absolutely hates PED abusers who take an unfair advantage.

  9. what did he actually admit..nothing? haha – I watched this interview and did a VIDEO about it – you should check out my channel/video…Lance Armstrong…UCrazyFo’Dat! :p

  10. spotteddogmemphis

    I’m American and I back up my countrymen, even when they are wrong.

  11. Job Applicant

    No balls half a man hope you die of cancer you fuck, and that slut wife of yours leaves you as well, hope your kids die of cancer as well

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