1. cataloniatravel

    What’s a link in the description for mobile monopoly money got to do with the tour de france?

  2. Let’s hope that she is not giving birth or there will be more of them … ! What a pity it was not just a brass band.

  3. So well done and a great victory.Funny sideburns and a comical face-would make a comedian easily!

  4. you don’t no what the tours about really do you the last stage is to show off the tour and not to make time, the last day does nothing to the standings. people only want to get a stage win for the last stage

  5. And Froome too was shackled to Wiggins, we’ll never know what’d have happened if he’d been allowed to leave Wiggins and go after Valverde on Stage 17.

  6. The team’s one and only goal was to ensure the GC title. Very hard for a sprinter to win the green jersey if the teams not working for that.

  7. the tour should be only awarded to finish first, he didnt make an effort on the last circuit and hes the winner? pffff

  8. Incidentally why didn’t Cav seem to make a determined effort to win the green jersey this year?
    A duel between him and Sagan would have been something to see

  9. Wiggo is a great cyclist but he’s a lousy talker, him and Cav just drone on and on..zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. Sabatinitennis

    A CBE for his performance in the last Olympics – what next for him???

  11. modrafarbicka

    you´re absolutely right… that singing woman was horrible. even wiggo´s face during the singing was like ” oh god why”

  12. Datguy594Rada

    wow, been watching the tour de france for the past 3 years and saw the likes of contador, scheck, evans and armstrong all go for gold,and i heard his name alot behind these guys, just gotta say, good too hear his name taking gold, good job bradley wiggins! 😀

  13. I’d lost my way…..but I’m so proud to be british again…..he’s inspirational…and all who ride for sky. And just a quick one for cav…fantastic sprint finish today…you are no1 in the world.

  14. Did anyone else see that woman sing the national anthem whilst Wiggins was on the podium? She fucking killed it, she has insulted this country and quite frankly, she shouldve been beaten to death.

  15. MilibandDavid

    We taught those French fucks how to play their own game, we won the Olympics and are about to accept with open arms their tax exiles. Their car industry is in a mess and they have a socialist dreamer president who is going to tax them hard. Is there any reason to admire the French?

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