Sheen on Lance: Not the ‘friendliest’

Cycling Festival Video clip Score: 4 / five

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  1. Always remember that the worst part of Lance Armstrong is not that he doped (which is still wrong) but rather that he ruined careers and threatened people’s families and livelihoods. He will step on anyone without conscience. Classic sociopath.

  2. HellsBells091

    Winning Charlie

  3. wilson lawson

    Morgan was editor of an arse-wipe newspaper in England that routinely printed lies and faked photographs.

  4. Vincent de jong

    Piers Morgan zit hier heel moreel superieur te doen en gaat daar mijns inziens volledig mee over the top vanaf 1:00.
    Google daarnaast bijvoorbeeld: Piers Morgan News of the world

  5. Not cheating if everyone is doing it lol have some knowledge in pro sports piers

  6. Lance is such a dick! Charlie’s the man

  7. noblemystik82

    Yes dan we would feel the same a cheater is a cheater no matter where they’re from

  8. if lance armstrong wasn’t american, would the yanks still have the same opinion..?

  9. waarom?

  10. Is it just me, or does Morgan scoff at American ideals? When he referred to the gun issue, he implied that we are out of control, and Brits are not; when he refers to U.S. athletes as “putting them on a pedestal” and ignores the likes of Lennox Lewis, etc. Watch yer mouth Piers, or America will wash yer mouth out with Limes:)

  11. Then a day later he blames his Two and Half Men blow-out on testosterone enhancer.


  12. Dikk Gozynnhya

    CS has completely lost it.

  13. Vote4RandPaul2016

    I noticed how Piers Black Beard Morgan forgot to mention that he lied about the hacking scandal in the UK! Oh…SNAP…

  14. Lance Armstrong said : “Winning, duh!!!”

  15. What a great showcase of hypocrisy…

  16. 28 likes – 1 dislike. Thumb down this video if you think Piers is a piece of shit, but like Charlie Sheen. Let’s make a stand by boycotting Piers Morgan, let’s turn this around.

  17. Vincent de jong

    This Piers Morgan is a very scary guy.

  18. Franco Harkins

    coming from morgan who was involved in phone tapping and gutter journalism for years.

  19. Madmonkeyitch

    SCREW YOU LANCE! I hate you and hope god takes your little raisin.

  20. CamiloSanchez1979

    Man I hope Charlie stays clean. Cool to see him recovered and making sense

  21. Sheen wasn’t ever really an asshole, though. He was just a major out of control fuck up, doing drugs & hanging out with whores & porn stars and such, but I don’t think people ever thought of him as too much of an asshole.

  22. Sheen was an asshole, he admits to his own behavior through the course of this full interview which is probably available here on YouTube. Charlie, at least to me, has always been a cool guy. I don’t speak for any “Americans” when I say that, I speak for myself. And yeah Lance has always been an asshole. It’s not like there are new people to occupy that position there is no shortage of dicks in and out of the limelight in Hollywood and elsewhere. Oh and nice avatar.

  23. He won’t and should not be forgiven.

  24. My heart broke when I heard lance utter the words that confirmed what some of us suspected in the back of our minds: “Oprah, it simply would have been impossible to win 7 tours Unless I shot bathsalts into my testicle….period!” :(