The last that was heard of Frank Schleck was in 2016 when he was active in the cycling competitions.

He had been involved in a damage claim, lawsuit where he was entitled to damages worth two million from Leonard AG. He was getting this amount as compensation from his previous team from which he separated in 2013. The payment was to go to him and his company as was the decision in a ruling issued by the Swiss Federal Court.

The issue had risen in 2013 when Schleck was fired from RadioShack-Leopard team. This came from due to a suspension he suffered on doping charges. He tested for a banned substance before 2012 Tour de France. As a consequence, he was put on a ban for 12 months. Even though he was banned and suspended, he continued his training with the squad and he was serving a four year contract at that time with his team.

It was set to expire in 2014 but he was sacked before that. Part of the agreement in the contract was that the squad would handle marketing for his image rights. There was a case filed by Schleck and his team against the RadioShack-Leopard team. The court ruled that the team had to wait till the contract time had expired in June 2013. As a result, they owed the cyclist and his company a payment of two million. Schleck then returned to the racing circuits in 2014. He started to take part in races as part of the new team Trek. He then completed the season and announced his retirement. It was probably a good way to announce his retirement after he was able to come back after his suspension was over and to be able to race professionally and put in a good show for his fans.